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306th MSL Lecture (Professor Takeshi Fujita)

Date/Time 2015/12/28 13:00- 14:30
Place Lecture Hall, Genso Cube
OrganizerMaterials and Structure Laboratory
ContactProf. Hideo Hosono (Ext. 5009)

Subject & Detail

 306th MSL Lecture

Speaker: Professor Takeshi Fujita
    (WPI-AIMR, Tohoku University)

Title: Dealloyed nanoporous catalysts for exhaust-gas conversion and In-situ TEM study

 Nanoporous metal (NPM) produced by dealloying is an emergent multifunctional material. The simple dealloying technique produces a self-organized and self-supporting three-dimensional nano-architecture offering a variety of attractive applications. NPM is now a new form of ‘Gold rush’. In this presentation, some examples will be introduced for catalytic application. The important implication for general catalyst design will be discussed.
[1] Fujita, T. et al., Nature Materials, 11 (2012) 775-780.
[2] Fujita, T. et al., Nano Lett., 14 (2014) 1172-1177
[3] Kuwano-Nakatani, S. et al., Mater. Trans., 56 (2015) 468-472.
[4] Fujita et al. Advanced Functional Materials in press.





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