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Open Faculty Position

Open Faculty Position   PDF

1. Position One Professor Position (Full-time tenure position, the retirement age is sixty five)

2. Research field

Novel multifunctional medical devices based on metallurgy: their structural design, nano/micro scale mechanical properties, reliability, evaluation, fabrication processes and related fields.
Desirable candidates are researchers who will challenge new interdisciplinary academic fields by the synergy through the collaboration with other researchers in different academic fields.
3. Affiliation (Research) Institute of Innovative Research
Primary: Laboratory for Materials and Structures
Secondary: Laboratory for Future Interdisciplinary Research of Science and Technology
(Education) School of Materials and Chemical Technology
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Obligation: Education and research related to metallurgy or life engineering for undergraduate and graduate students in English and Japanese
4. Qualification requirements Applicants are required to have a doctoral degree or Ph.D in metallurgy or related fields. Applicants should have globally excellent research and education performance in the above research fields.
5. Starting date April 1, 2017 or the earliest date thereafter
6. Application materials 1) Curriculum vitae (education after high school, professional career, prizes or awards and a photograph. Researcher ID and registered name in Google Scholar profile)
2) Research achievements (a list of peer-reviewed papers, articles presented at international conferences, review papers, commentaries, books, patents, invited talks and lectures. All the author names are listed in each article and in the sequence of publication from new to old with serial numbers assigned. The name of applicant should be marked with a underline. Impact factor and the number of citation are added with the name of database used. Asterisk”*” is marked in five representative papers. Professional carrier for education and activities in international collaboration and researches, academic societies, university committees are also listed)
3) Offprints or copies of five representative papers.
4) A list of research funding
(All the funds are classified by the funding system. Name of research funding and organization, title of the research project, research period, name of principal investigator, total budget, and budget provided for the applicant are listed clearly)
5) Summary of past research and educational activities (A4, two pages)
6) Future plan of research and education (A4, two pages)
7) A list of four referees with their positions, affiliations, office addresses and email addresses. Two of them should be resident and other two should be non-resident.
7. Application deadline November 1, 2016. (Tuesday)
8. Mailing address for the application Prof. Hideki Hosoda
In care of Administration Office, Laboratory for Materials and Structures, Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology
4259-R3-28 Nagatsuta, Midori-ku, Yokohama 226-8503, JAPAN
Applicants must write “Application documents for faculty position” in red on the front page of the envelope. Applicants should send the application documents by certified post mail or express shipping service.
9. Inquires hosoda.h.aa[at] (change [at] into @)
10. Notice 1) When an applicant posts application documents and offprints or copies of articles, enclose them as digital data on a CD/DVD/USB together with paper printed versions. All the application materials will not be returned. We do not accept the applications by email or internet file attachment.
2) After starting the process, we may ask an applicant to give an interview, technical seminar and/or trial lecture. At the same time, we will ask an applicant to bring the recommendation letters from the four referees together.
3) Tokyo Institute of Technology will ensure equal opportunities for participation of women and foreigners.
4) All the private information taken in this application must not be used for the other purposes.

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