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Professor: Div. of Structural Engineering

Job Opening: Materials and Structures Laboratory
Full Professor (Structural Engineering) 

1. Affliation Division of Structural Engineering

2. Position

One Full Professor
3. Research Field Innovative Inorganic Materials (Materials Synthesis, Advanced Characterization or Materials Design)
4. Requirements Applicants are required to have doctoral (or Ph.D) degree
5. Employment Date As early as possible after January 1st, 2015
6. Documents to be submitted for application (1) Resume (from graduation of high school) with applicant’s photograph
(2) Research and Educational achievements (a few pages in A4 sheet)
(3) List of publication
     ・Research publications
      (original papers, books, reviews, invited lectures, patents)
     ・Awards and matters to be noted
     ・h-index and Researcher ID of applicant
(4) Reprints or copies of max. 5 significant papers
(5) Acquisition of competitive funds
     (within the past 10 years, description of the sharing or representative)
(6) Brief statements of research and educational interests (a few pages in A4 sheet for each item), including their appealing points and perspective for future work
(7) Contact information of 2 distinguished reference persons
     (including postal address, phone number, e-mail address)

The applicant should send the above-listed documents of (1)~(7) both in hard copy and digital media (CD)

7. Application Deadline

September 12th, 2014 (requisite arrival)
8. Postal mailing address for application
The Chairman of the selection committee
c/o Secretary of director, Materials and Structures Laboratory R3-25
Tokyo Institute of Technology, 4259 Nagatsuta, Midori, Yokohama
226-8503, JAPAN
9. Inquiry
(for this application) Committee Chair: Prof. Hideo HOSONO
TEL:+81-45-924-5009, E-mail:
(for research infra) Director: Prof. Mitsuru ITOH
TEL:+81-45-924-5354 E-mail:

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