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2nd MSL Lecture (Dr. Venkatraman Gopalan)

Date/Time 2016/07/29 14:00-15:30
Place 1F Meeting Room, Building R3
OrganizerLaboratory for Materials and Structures
ContactAssistant Professor Hirofumi Akamatsu (Ext. 5343)

Subject & Detail

2nd MSL Lecture

Speaker: Dr. Venkatraman Gopalan
    (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Materials Research Institute,
    Pennsylvania State University, USA)

Title: Hidden Symmetries and Phases in Ferroics

In this talk,  I will present new symmetry and experimental insights in the field of complex oxides that exhibit ferric phenomena, namely, ferroelectrics, ferroelastics, multiferroics, and polar metals.  With recent advances in imaging on the mesoscale down to a few picometer scale using a combination of photons and electrons, I will reveal many hidden phases in classic ferroelectrics and correlated oxides that have been hiding in plain sight!  Secondly, I will discuss how the motion of domain walls, in particular, and a general distortion of any structure in general, has hidden symmetries of motion that can provide new tools for understanding dynamical properties and minimum energy pathways for distortion.  







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