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54th MSL Lecture (Prof.Qi Zhang)

Date/Time 2017/11/13 10:30 -12:00
Place 1F Meeting Room, Building R3
OrganizerLaboratory for Materials and Structures
ContactAssistant Professor Shintaro Yasui (Ext.5626)

Subject & Detail

Speaker: Prof.Qi Zhang
    (University of New South Wales)

Title: "Chemical solution deposition derived bismuth ferrite thin films with excellent properties" 

High-quality phase-pure (001) epitaxial bismuth ferrite (BiFeO3; BFO) thin films have been realized by chemical solution deposition. A thorough chemical investigation of the precursor molecular changes during gelation reveals that control of the delicate balance between gelation and salt (metal nitrate) precipitation through solvent evaporation is the key to a homogenous gel, necessary to ultimately obtain high-quality films. Via this method, mixed phase BFO thin film is realized on lanthanum aluminate (LaAlO3, LAO) with coexistence of rhombohedral-like (R) phase and tetragonal-like (T) phase homogeneously mixed at the nanoscale. High quality doped BFO can also be easily achieved.


Ito-Taniyama Lab.

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