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The 2nd International Symposium on Negative Thermal Expansion and Related Materials (ISNTE-II)
Date/Time 2017/12/12- 2017/12/15
Place Suzukake Hall, Suzukakedai-Campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology
OrganizerLaboratory for Materials and Structures, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tokyo Tech World Research Hub Initiative
Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute
The Murata Science Foundation
ContactMasaki Azuma (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
Koshi Takenaka (Nagoya University, Japan)
Paul Attfield (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Xianran Xing (University of Science and Technology Beijing, China)

Subject & Detail

Aim and Scope

circular  program  

Dec.12,2017 (Tuesday)

Time Title
19:00-­ Get Together Party (Aobadai Forum)


Dec.13,2017 (Wednesday)

Time Title Speaker
09:00- 09:15 Suzukakedai-Campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology
09:15- 09:20 M. Azuma
Oral Session 1 Review Session Chair: J. Chen
09:20- 10:05 Negative Thermal Expansion – Coming of Age J. S. O. Evans
10:05- 10:50 Materials and Mechanisms of NTE J. P. Attfield
Oral Session 2 Open Framework Materials 1  Chair: J. S. O. Evan
11:05- 11:40 Extreme  Thermomechanical  Properties  through  a  Molecular Materials Approach C. J. Kepart
11:40- 12:05 Controlling  Negative  Thermal  Expansion  of  Framework  Materials by Insertion and Substitution: First-­‐principles Simulations Q. Sun
12:05- 12:30 Anomalous Thermal Expansion in Borates Z. H. Lin
12:30- 13:35 Lunch
Oral Session 3 Ruthenates Chair: S. Mori
13:35- 14:10 Coupling  of  Orbital  and  Magnetic  Orders  to  Colossal  Negative Volume Thermal Expansion in Novel Mott Insulators G. Cao
14:10- 14:35 Negative Thermal Expansion Induced by Microstructural Effects in Anisotropic Thermal Expansion Materials K. Takenaka
14:35- 15:05 Study  on  Macroscopic  Thermal  Expansion  of  Ceramics  of Anisotropic Thermal Expansion Crystals by Topology Optimization A. Takezawa
15:05- 15:30 Coffee break
Oral Session 4 Open Framework Materials 2 Chair: X. R. Xing
15:30- 16:05 Local  Structure  and  Negative  Thermal  Expansion  of  ScF3  Based Fluorides  J. Chen 
16:05- 16:40 When  Each  Atom  Matters:  Interesting  Materials  in  the  Scandium Tungstate Family  C. Lind-­‐Kovacs 
16:40- 17:15 Crossover of Thermal Expansion from Positive to Negative in Cubic ReO3-­‐type Compounds TiZrF7-­‐x (x=0, 0.5 and 1)  P. Tong
Poster Session with Light Meal
Chair: K. Takenaka


Dec. 14, 2017 (Thursday)

Time Title Speaker
Oral Session 5 Charge/Orbital Ordering  Chair: J. P. Attfield
09:00- 09:30 Theory  of  Valence  Transition  in  Perovskite-­‐Type  Transition  Metal Oxides with A-­‐Site Valence Skipping Elements M. Naka
09:30- 10:05 Negative Thermal Expansions induced by Phase Transitions M. Azuma
10:05- 10:30 Pressure  Induced  Large  Volume  Collapse  in  PbVO3  and  Its Potential for Negative Thermal Expansion K. Oka
Oral Session 6 Advanced Measurements 1 Chair: T. Katsufuj
10:50- 11:20 Local  Structure  Study  on  “Charge  Glass”  States  Appeared  in Pb/Bi-­‐Based Perovskites using Pair Distribution Function Analysis T. Watanuki
11:20- 11:55 Investigating Negative Thermal Expansion Materials using Neuron and X-­‐ray Total Scattering M. G. Tucker
11:55- 13:30 Lunch
Oral Session 7 Fundamental Physics Chair: T. Mizokawa
13:30- 14:05 Phonons and Negative Thermal Expansion M. Dove
14:05- 14:40 Coupling  between  the  Lattice  Distortion  and  the  Orbital/Charge Degrees of Freedom in Various Transition-Metal Oxides T. Katsufuji
14:40- 15:15 Lattice Effects at the Spin-State Transitions D. Khomskii
15:15- 15:40 Coffee break
Oral Session 8 Magnetic Materials Chair: K. Takenaka
15:40- 16:15 Research  on  Abnormal  Thermal  Expansion  and  Correlated Magnetic Properties of Antiperovskite Mn3XN Compounds Y. Sun
16:15- 16:40 La(Fe, Si, Co)13/Cu Composites with Tailored Thermal Expansion R. J. Huang
16:40- 17:10 Crystal  Structure  and  Magnetic  Property  of  Polymorphs (AlxFe2-x)GeO5 H. Katori
17:10- 17:35 Epitaxial Growth of Single Crystalline Mn3CuN Thin Films and Their Physical Properties T. Hatano
Poster Award, Speech (Aobadai Forum)


Dec. 15, 2017 (Friday)

Time Title Speaker
Oral Session 9 Open Framework Materials 3  Chair: C. J. Kepart
09:00- 09:35 Structure, Negative Thermal Expansion and SHG Effect in Tungsten Bronze Oxide PPLN X. R. Xing
09:35- 10:10 The Response of ReO3-­‐type Fluorides and Other Negative Thermal Expansion Frameworks to Pressure A. P. Wilkinson


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