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【Workshop】A new design concept of resilient urban cities and rc buildings
Date/Time 2014/12/07 13:15-17:00
Place International Conference Room
Tamachi Campus, Tokyo Tech.
OrganizerStructural Engineering Research Center, Tokyo Tech.
ContactProf. Susumu Kono (
RemarksFee:2,000 yen(student:500 yen)
All the participants are invited to a casual post-conference party.
It is free of charge.)
Register your name and affiliation by mailing to S. Kono at .

Subject & Detail

RC Structures Workshop

A new design concept of resilient urban cities and rc buildings reflecting severe damage due to recent urban earthquakes

■■■ Speakers/Affiliation/Subject ■■■

Mr.Patricio BONELLI
(Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Valparaíso, Chile)
"Surface ground motions, structural damage and emerging technologies in R/C buildings during and after the 2010 MW 8.8 Maule Earthquake, Chile"

(Professor, Dept. of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand)
"Implementation of low-damage technology following the 2010-2011 Canterbury Earthquakes: A paradigm shift from life safety to damage control"

(National Institute for land and Infrastructure Management)
"Summary of BRI Research on Great East Japan Earthquake & Introduction of the Full-scale Test on the 5-story RC building"

(Structural engineer, Taisei Co.)
"Recent Research Topics and Application Instances of RC Technology developed by General Contractor"

(Chief Research engineer, Institute of Technology, Shimizu Co.)
"Shimizu’s Recent Actions against Post-quake Changes for Building Safety and Security"

Kuniyoshi SUGIMOTO
(Research engineer, Research Institute of Obayashi Co.)
"Restoring Force Characteristics of High-Rise RC Building Subjected to Long Period Ground Motions and Performance Evaluation by Finite Element Analysis"

(Research Engineer, Takenaka R & D Institute)
"Response analysis of SRC high-rise building during the 2011 Off the Pacific coast of Tohoku EQ"

(Structural engineer, Kajima Co.)
"High-Rise Reinforced Concrete Building Using Hydraulic Damper and High-Ductility Concrete"

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