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The 1st International Symposium on Novel Materials for Next Generation Electronics and Catalysis
Date/Time 2017/02/16- 2017/02/17
Place Lecture Hall, 1F of Genso-Cube (S8 building), Suzukakedai campus, Tokyo Tech
OrganizerLaboratory for Materials & Structures
Remarks- Reception -
Date and time: February 16 (Thur), 2017, 18:20-19:40
Place: Party space, 3F of H1 & H2 Bldgs., No. 25 of
Contribution fee: 4,000 JPY
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Deadline:  February 9 (Thu)
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Subject & Detail

"The 1st International Symposium on Novel Materials for Next Generation Electronics and Catalysis" program 

February 16, Thursday, 09:00-17:55

Time Title Speaker
09:00-09:20 Opening Remarks Hideo Hosono (Tokyo Tech)
1. Technical Session on computational approaches I chaired by Peter V. Sushko (PNNL)
1.1 09:20-09:55 Electron and hole trapping in amorphous oxides Alex Shluger (UCL) 
1.2 09:55-10:30 In silico design and exploration of novel semiconductors Fumiyasu Oba (Tokyo Tech) 
10:30-10:45 Break
1.3 10:45-11:20 Computational materials design for renewable energy applications David Scanlon (UCL)
1.4 11:20-11:55 Theoretical aspects of topological materials from ab initio calculations Motoaki Hirayama (Tokyo Tech) 
11:55-13:00 Lunch
2. Technical Session on computational approaches II chaired by Fumiyasu Oba (Tokyo Tech)
2.1 13:00-13:35 Catalytic function activated by localized electrons and hydrogen transfer Peter V. Sushko (PNNL) 
2.2 13:35-14:10 New strategy on first principles and evolutionary computations for electrides Tomofumi Tada (Tokyo Tech)
2.3 14:10-14:45 Atomistic modeling of porous catalysts Ben Slater (UCL)
2.4 14:45-15:20 Density-functional approaches to two-dimensional materials Susumu Saito (Tokyo Tech)
15:20-15:35 Break
3. Technical Session on s semiconductors, superconductors, and dielectrics I chaired by Hiroshi Funakubo (Tokyo Tech)
3.1 15:35-16:10 Chemical-vapor deposition of oxide semiconductors Ivan Parkin (UCL) 
3.2 16:10-16:45 Control of defects to develop new amorphous oxide semiconductors Toshio Kamiya (Tokyo Tech)
3.3 16:45-17:20 Sustainable, continuous hydrothermal production of advanced functional nanomaterials; from lab to pilot plant Jawwad Darr (UCL)
3.4 17:20-17:55 Heteroepitaxial growth and electric field-induced phase transition of layered iron-selenides Hidenori Hiramatsu (Tokyo Tech)
18:20-19:40 Reception


February 17, Friday, 09:00-15:15

Time Title Speaker
4. Technical Session on semiconductors, superconductors, and dielectrics II chaired by Ivan Parkin (UCL)
4.1 09:00-09:35 Understanding the activity of tungsten oxide nanostructures for photon-driven applications Chris Blackman (UCL) 
4.2 09:35-10:10 Heteroepitaxy of functional materials for environmental and energy applications Akira Ohtomo (Tokyo Tech) 
4.3 10:10-10:45 Precursor Synthesis for CVD of TCOs and Metals Caroline Knapp (UCL)
10:45-11:00 Break
4.4 11:00-11:35 Ferroelectric and dielectric materials for power electronics and automobile applications Hiroshi Funakubo (TokyoTech) 
5. Technical Session on catalytic and related materials chaired by Tomofumi Tada (Tokyo Tech)
5.1 11:35-12:10 Real-time catalyst characterization under reaction conditions Andrew Beale (UCL) 
 12:10-13:10 Lunch
5.2 13:10-13:45 Electride catalysts for ammonia synthesis and chemical reactions Masaaki Kitano (Tokyo Tech)
5.3 13:45-14:20 Structure of dopants in Catalysts and transparent conducting oxides Gopinathan Sankar (UCL)
5.4 14:20-14:55 High-pressure synthesis of oxyhydrides and related compounds Satoru Matsuishi (Tokyo Tech)
14:55-15:15 Concluding Remarks Alex Shluger (UCL)

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