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(Mr. A.S.Kamzin,Russian Academy of Sciences,Russia)
261st MSL Lecture
(Mr. A.S.Kamzin,Russian Academy of Sciences,Russia)
Date/Time 2013/11/28 15:00-
Place J1Building 7F Room704
OrganizerMaterials and Structures Laboratory
ContactAssoc.Prof. Tomofumi Susaki(ex:5360)

Subject & Detail

261st MSL Lecture

Lecturer: Mr. A.S.Kamzin
(Professor, Ioffe Physical Technical Institute,Russian Academy of Sciences,St-Petersburg, Russia))

Subject: Mössbauer Spectroscopy of Magnetic Thin Films

Summary:In recent years, thin films have drawn considerable attention because of its potential applications for different applications, for example: ultrahigh density magnetic recording media, biomedicine and soon. Mossbauer spectroscopy gives opportunity to study the temperature dependence of magnetic properties, the local environments of Fe atoms, find the Neel temperature, the spin state of iron ion and the distribution of iron ions in different matetials as in a form of single crystals, ceramics as well as in a form thin films. By measuring Mossbauer effect is possible to measure the dependence of magnetization on the doping concentration and to understand the mechanism responsible for the magnetic behaviour.

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