Aim and Scope
Negative thermal expansion (NTE), i.e. volume contraction of solids upon heating, is a novel thermal property which highly associates with crystal structure, physical properties, and size effect. NTE is the multidiscipline and frontier of solid state chemistry and physics. The development of NTE materials contribute to not only fundamental knowledge but also the applications of thermal expansion control of materials. The aim of this symposium is to bring together the scientists and engineers engaged in the fields relating to NTE and to promote the further development of NTE materials.

Masaki Azuma	Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Koshi Takenaka	Nagoya University, Japan 
Paul Attfield	             University of Edinburgh, UK
Xianran Xing	University of Science and Technology Beijing, China,

Suzukakedai-Campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Laboratory for Materials and Structures, Tokyo Institute of Technology
World Research Hub Initiative, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute
The Murata Science Foundation 

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