Tomofumi Susaki


Associate Professor

Secure Materials Center
Materials and Structures Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Ph.D. (Department of Physics, University of Tokyo, 1999)


Thank you for visiting our homepage. We are focusing on pulsed laser deposition of abundant element oxides controlled at a nanometer scale. Our goals are to (i) develop new functionalities for electronics device or catalysis application and (ii) to create novel artificial electronic states. Our recent achievements include the fabrication of atomically flat MgO(111) polar surface (Phys. Rev. B 82, 033408 (2010)) and tuning of the surface work function by depositing MgO(100) thin films (Phys. Rev. B 83, 115435 (2011)), where the nanometer scale control in abundant element oxides plays a key role. Our dream is to induce the most striking functionality out of the materials whose bulk characteristics are the most boring!


About myself: I started my scientific carrier by studying the electronic structure of  heavy fermion materials by photoemission spectroscopy. I received a DSc degree in physics at Department of Physics, University of Tokyo in 1999, supervised by Prof. Atsushi Fujimori. The title of my thesis is High-Resolution Photoemission Study of Kondo Insulators. (You can download the pdf file of my thesis.)  In 2000 I got a postdoc position at RIKEN, investigating metal adatoms deposited on metal surfaces by photoemission spectroscopy with Prof. Maki Kawai. After spending three years at RIKEN I switched the field to oxide thin film study: Since 2003 I was a research associate at Department of Advanced Materials Science, University of Tokyo, where I studied the junction characteristics and electronic states of oxide heterostructures and oxide-metal Schottky junctions with Prof. Harold Y. Hwang. In 2007 I moved to Tokyo Tech.

When I was undergraduate (also at Department of Physics, University of Tokyo) I studied hard x-ray astrophysics (Prof. Tsuneyoshi Kamae Group) and model calculations of two-dimensional electron system (Prof. Hideo Aoki Group).

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l      Call for papers: The deadline for APPC-12 (July 14-19, 2013@Chiba)& STAC-7 (June 19-21, 2013@yokohama) will come soon.

 (April, 2013)


l      Several papers have shown up (T. Susaki, A. Makishima, and H. Hosono, Work function engineering via LaAlO3/SrTiO3 polar interfaces, Phys. Rev. B, 84, 115456 (2011); S. Kumada, K. Matsuzaki, H. Hosono, and T. Susaki, Tuning of Surface Roughness and Lattice Constant in MgO(111)/Al2O3(0001) Grown by Laser Energy Controlled Pulsed Laser Deposition, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., 50, 085503 (2011); H. Hosono, K. Hayashi, T. Kamiya, T. Atou and T. Susaki, New functionalities in abundant element oxides: ubiquitous element strategy, Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, 12, 034303 (2011).) The review by Hosono et al., is a free access article! (September, 2011)


l      STAC5-AMDI2 conference was held in Yokohama. Livia Giordano and Yousoo Kim gave wonderful invited talks. (June 22-24, 2011)


l        Kelvin probe study of MgO/Nb:SrTiO3 surfaces (T. Susaki, A. Makishima, and H. Hosono, Tunable work function in MgO/Nb:SrTiO3 surfaces studied by Kelvin probe technique) will soon show up in Phys. Rev. B. (January, 2011)


l        Kosuke gave an invited talk entitled Layer-by-layer epitaxial growth of polar MgO (111) films at Oxide-based Materials and Devices International Conference (Conference OE108) in San Francisco. (January 25, 2011)


l        Tomofumi gave an invited talk entitled Fabrication of MgO(111) polar films by pulsed laser deposition at the 3rd International Congress on Ceramics (ICC3) in Osaka. (November 15, 2010)


l        International Workshop on Elements Science and Technology for Materials InnovationESTMI2010 was held at Suzukakedai campus, Tokyo Tech. (November 2010) 


l        Dr. Kosuke Matsuzakis paper Layer-by-layer epitaxial growth of polar MgO(111) thin films (by Matsuzaki, Hosono & Susaki) has just shown up in PRB. This paper has also been selected for the August 2, 2010 issue of Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology. (July 2010) 


l        Fourth International Conference on the Science and Technology for Advanced Ceramics (STAC-4) was held in Yokohama. Many thanks to Marija Gajdardziska-Josifovska and Elizabeth A. Paisley, who gave great talks in Polar Surfaces and Interfaces Session. Important notice: we have already booked conference halls for STAC-5 (June 22-24, 2011), and are looking forward to getting together again in Yokohama. (June 23, 2010)


l        My first paper at Tokyo Tech has just shown up. Any comments are greatly welcome. (September 16, 2009)