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Message from Director


Director Michikazu HARA 

   We create new materials with innovative physical properties and functionalities by the hybridization of a wide range of materials, on the basis of inorganic materials consisting of various elements. We do not only find new scientific principles for the materials, but also contribute to human and society by the materials and knowledges. This is a mission for our Laboratory for Materials and Structures (MSL); we have been esteeming dialog with human and society as well as dialog with god. We also have another important mission. As a joint usage/research center for advanced inorganic materials, a hub of materials science and architecture, we have been supporting global researchers in the fields, creating new values from nm-scale devices to km-scale architectures. The joint usage/research center provides the newest results based on our unique apparatuses to them and gathers their and our knowledges, resulting in new values to contribute to human and society. The predecessor of MSL was Materials and Structures Laboratory (1996-2015) that was the successor of Research Laboratory of Engineering Materials (RLEM), which was established in 1958 by merging two laboratories; Research Laboratory of Building Materials (1923) and Research Laboratory of Ceramic Industry. While we have made our efforts to bring breakthroughs in materials science and technology through such changes, it has inherited our split to esteem dialog with god, human and society.  
   We are making our best efforts to achieve innovation in this field. We appreciate your continued support for our research activities. 
April, 2021

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