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Message from Director


Director Toshio KAMIYA 

   Laboratory for Materials and Structures (MSL), a research laboratory in Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology, was established on 1st April, 2016. MSL aims to create innovative materials with outstanding properties and functions through interdisciplinary research efforts merging the fields of inorganic materials, metals and organic materials. The mission of our laboratory is the search for novel scientific principles related to innovative materials by integrating disciplines of a wide range of substances and materials. We have made our efforts to bring breakthroughs in materials science and technology that contribute to solve social issues and to bring better life.
  MSL consists of four divisions; Division of Unexplored Materials Exploitation, Division of Materials Design, Division of Materials Integration, and Division of Structural Engineering (SERC). Members in MSL have achieved cutting-edge researches on advanced materials including functional oxides for electronic, photonic and magnetic applications, iron-based superconductors, and novel catalysts. We are pursuing this goal through materials design from atomic- to macro-scales with assistance of the state-of-the-art computational materials design, processing, and characterization techniques.
  The predecessor of MSL was Materials and Structures Laboratory (1996-2015) that was the successor of Research Laboratory of Engineering Materials (RLEM), which was established in 1958 by merging two laboratories; Research Laboratory of Building Materials (1923) and Research Laboratory of Ceramic Industry.
  As noted above, MSL continues to proceed explorative researches on the cutting-edge novel materials that combine interdisciplinary materials and research fields, while MSL also works for the joint usage/research center for advanced inorganic materials, which provides a framework to promote multilateral collaborations and contributes to the development in this research field.
  MSL is a research laboratory open to researchers in advanced materials, and many collaborative researches are carried out with other institutions/enterprises in Japan and over the world. 
  We are making our best efforts to achieve innovation in this field. We appreciate your continued support for our research activities.

April, 2017

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