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2 Times/Year

MSL Newsletter (Japanese)
Newsletter introducing research activities of MSL

Annually MSL Phamphlet (Japanese & English)
Pamphlet introducing activities of MSL
Annually MSL Report (Directory/Japanese)
Report summerizing research activity data  
Annually Collaborative Research Report (Japanese)
Report on collaborative research projects
Irregularly COE Project Report (Japanese)
Report on COE Project
Irregularly  Self Evaluation Report (Japanese)
Report self-evaluation activities of MSL
Irregularly Commeorative Publication (Japanese)
Commemorative publication issued in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of MSL
Irregularly Books(English)
Books compiling research activities and study results of laboratories of MSL
Promotion Office for Cooperative Researches
Tel:  045-924-5968
Fax: 045-924-5978



Education & PR
MSL International Symposium Irregularly International Symposium hoted by MSL or MSL Laboratory.
Open Campus Annually Annual event to open laboratories and facility of suzukake-dai campus to public
Open Campus - Suzukakedai Annually Events to open departments and laboratories mainly to students during the Suzukake Festival
Open Seminar Irregularly Open Lectures and Seminars hosted by MSL
Lectures and Seminars Irregularly Lectures and Seminars on various themes hosted by MSL, SERC, or Secure Materials Center irregularly
Educational Seminar Irregularly Educational activities condcuted by MSL or MSL laboratories mainly intended for inductry and schools
Safety and Health Training Session  Annually This session is conducted mainly intended for MSL staff and students but available for outside people
Contact: Promotion Office for Cooperative Researches
Tel:  045-924-5968
Fax: 045-924-5978



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