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Staff Member List

<Collaborative Researches・Research Promotion Office>

Job Title/Division Member Name Tel. E-Mail
Collaborative Researches・Research Promotion Office Specifically Assigned Technical Staff Kazumi KANAI  *5968
(Collaborative Researches)
(Research Promotion)
  (Public relations)
Secretary, Administrative staff Noriko KUWAHARA
Specifically Assigned Technical Staff Tomoko TAKAHASHI
Safety Control Office Specifically Assigned Administrative Staff Mieko MATSUMOTO  *7740
Equipment management Researcher YANG XIAOYU    

Division Member Name Title Tel. E-Mail
Director's Office Michikazu HARA Director  *5301
Administarative Office 

Hitoshi MORIYA

Saori WATABE Administrative
Satomi MATSUZAKI Secretary, Administrative staff  *5967
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Secretaries & Support Staff of each Laboratory

Azuma-Yamamoto Lab Miwa SHIMODA Secretary  *5315
Mari KAGAWA Technical Support Staff  5342
Kaori HANDA Technical Support Staff  5342
Oba Lab Seiko KAWAMURA Secretary    *5345
Katase Lab Akiko MIYAHARA Technical Support Staff    
Matsushita Lab Mariko SUZUKI Secretary
Hara-Kamata Lab Tsuguko TANI Secretary  *5311
Mari SETOH Secretary    
Mari ONO Technical Support Staff    
Hosoda-Tahara Lab Yoshiko NAKATA Secretary  *5057  
Reika SATO Technical Support Staff
Akiko MORI Secretary  *5309
Michiyo MIYAKAWA Technical Support Staff  *5376
Ikuko SHIMADA Technical Support Staff
C.Sato Lab Akiko SHIOTE Secretary  *5062
Inamura Lab Keiko Yuzawa


Azusa SATO Technical Support Staff
Sone-Chang Lab Kaori Toda Secretary  *5043・5044  
Ishihara Lab/Kishiki Lab Yuko ENDO Secretary    *5290
Kishiki Lab Motoko OKUBO Secretary  *5351
Eiko NAGAMI Secretary  *5351
Kono Lab Yuki HAYAKAWA Secretary    *5384
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* Please put "045 924" before the number.

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