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Available Equipment


Equipment Name Details Laboratory
DATA LOGGER TDS630,Tokyo Sokki Kenkyujo Kono Lab 
Servo controlled static hydraulic pump and controlling units 
4MN hydraulic jacks 
High pressure synthesis apparatus (700 ton-press) Azuma-Yamamoto Lab 
High pressure synthesis apparatus (250 ton-press)
SQUID Magnetometer ( MPMS ; Quantum Design )
Physical Property Measurement System Under High Magnetic Field
Atomic Force Microscopy System 
3He-4He Dilution Refrigerator  Kawaji Lab 
SQUID Magnetometer ( MPMS ; Quantum Design ) 
High-Resolution Solid-State NMR Spectrometer (BRUKER AVANCE III HD) 
Single-Crystal Four-Circle Diffractometer  
X-ray Powder Diffractometer
Sub-10-fs time domain spectroscopy system Nakamura Lab 
Femtosecond time-domain spectroscopy system
Capillary gas chromatography Hara-Kamata Lab 
High performance liquid chromatography
Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis 
Infrared Spectrometer 
Scanning Electron Microscope Majima Lab  
Reaction Frame (1000kN and 500kN Oil Jacks) Kishiki Lab 
200tf Universal Testing Machine 
500kN Temperature Variable High Rigidness Material Testing Machine 
Multi-Dimensional Long Stroke Loading System 
2000kN Dynamic Loading Actuator
Equipment for single crystals growth Sasagawa Lab 
Equipment for physical properties evaluation under extreme conditions


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