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Available Equipment


Equipment Name Details Laboratory
DATA LOGGER TDS630,Tokyo Sokki Kenkyujo Kono Lab 
High pressure synthesis apparatus (700 ton-press) Azuma Lab 
High pressure synthesis apparatus (250 ton-press)
SQUID Magnetometer ( MPMS ; Quantum Design )
Electron Probe Micro Analyzer Itoh Lab 
Environment Control Atomic Force Microscopy System
Physical Property Measurement System Under High Magnetic Field
Atomic Force Microscopy System 
Visible and Near-Infrared Raman Spectrometer  
3He-4He Dilution Refrigerator  Kawaji Lab 
SQUID Magnetometer ( MPMS ; Quantum Design ) 
High-Resolution Solid-State NMR Spectrometer (BRUKER AVANCE III HD) 
Single-Crystal Four-Circle Diffractometer  
X-ray Powder Diffractometer
Sub-10-fs time domain spectroscopy system Nakamura Lab 
Femtosecond time-domain spectroscopy system
Capillary gas chromatography Hara-Kamata Lab 
High performance liquid chromatography
Scanning Electron Microscope Majima-Azuma Lab  
Reaction Frame (1000kN and 500kN Oil Jacks) Yamada Lab 
200tf Universal Testing Machine 
500kN Temperature Variable High Rigidness Material Testing Machine 
Multi-Dimensional Long Stroke Loading System 
2000kN Dynamic Loading Actuator Kishiki Lab  
Equipment for single crystals growth Sasagawa Lab 
Equipment for physical properties evaluation under extreme conditions


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