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CRP_2021 Application


Notes for Applicants of MSL CRP
・Please use an appropreate application form of CRP type for which you are going to apply.
・Before applying, please contact a MSL researcher who you are going to conduct collaborative researches for advice.
・Applicant of General and International Workshop is not required to fill in the section of "project members".
・Applicant of General and International CRP of category A should fill in the section of "Originality and Necessity of CRP" and "Plan for  Publication of Research Results of CRP" of the application form A.

Maximum Budget for Individual Grants

Please refer the figures of maximum budget for each type of CRP before applying.
Type of CRP Category Maximum Allocation
Travel Materials and Supplies
International CRP *A \1,000,000 \400,000
B \250,000 \40,000
C   \150,000   \30,000
General CRP *A \650,000 \400,000
B  \200,000   \40,000
C \100,000 \30,000
International Workshop
\600,000 \120,000
  • Project representative may apply once for International or General CRP, and once for International Workshop or Workshop, at most.

CRP Application Forms

Type of CRP Microsoft Excel
International/General/Specified CRP  Form1 (Microsoft Excel)
International Workshop/Workshop  Form2 (Microsoft Excel)

How to Apply

・ Please submit a set of appropreate application form to Office for Collaborative Research Projects(CRP) and Coordinator via E-mail(
・ A confirmation mail would be sent to both representative of CRP and coordinator when Office for CRP receives the application form. Please make sure to fill in the section of "e-mail" of CRP representative.
・ Please contact Office for CRP if you do not receive the confirmation mail one week after submittance of application forms.  
・ Please make sure to complete filling all sections in which you are required to fill before submittance. A flawed application form might not be accepted.

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