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288th MSL Lecture (Dr. John Hong)

Date/Time 2015/05/29 17:00~18:30
Place Lecture Hall in Genso cube(S8 Building 1F)
OrganizerMaterials and Structure Laboratory
ContactProf. Hideo Hosono

Subject & Detail

Lecturer Dr. John Hong
    (CTO, Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, Inc)

Subject: Display Technologies in Mobile Applications


There are two unique display requirements that stem from mobility: ideally, the display should be 1) always on and 2) always viewable. The always-on feature of a display is difficult to implement since phones are powered by batteries which have limited capacity that is not expected to improve significantly over time. In addition, mobile applications, as a rule, involve uncontrolled viewing conditions, the most difficult of which is viewing in direct sunlight, making the second mandate also difficult to satisfy.

In this presentation, we introduce next generation Qualcomm® Mirasol™ display technology that integrates an optical MEMS structure with an IGZO TFT backplane to implement a reflective color display system that supports great image quality in virtually all viewing conditions and a power efficiency advantage that can be an order of magnitude better than competing technologies. We review the concepts of interferometric absorption that gives rise to high gamut, reflective color performance, describe the system technologies that have enabled our developments, and present compelling demonstrations of our progress. By enabling always-on and always-visible applications, low power Mirasol displays significantly enhance the mobile user experience.



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