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Yuji Matsumoto

Visiting Professor
Yuji Matsumoto
DivisionDivision of Associate Visiting Researchers 
OfficeR3 Building 2F
Post NumberR3-2
Telephone Number045-924-5314
FAX Number045-924-5377
E-Mail Address-
Field of
Functional Materials, Interface Science & Engineering, Thin Film Nano-Technology
KeywordIonic Liquid, Metallic Glass, Silicon Carbide, Catalysis & Photocatalysis, Scanning Probe Microscope, Ferroelectric & Magnetic properties, Solar cell, Electrochemstry, Titanium dioxide, Photoemission, Flux-mediated Epitaxy, Fullerene , Pentacene, Pulsed Laser Deposition, IR-laser Deposition
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Vacuum Science & Technology of Solid-Liquid Interfaces for Innovative Material Processing

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